Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I recently went, with a friend from work, on a girls weekend to Budapest in Hungary. We had been contemplating getting away for a few days, and my boyfriend lives out there so sorting accommodation was no issue. Plus, it is only 1 hr 25 mins when flying from Dortmund, but best of all, flights are cheap and who doesn’t love a bargain!

I have been to Budapest a few times to visit my boyfriend, so I have seen a fairly large portion of the City – definitely dined at plenty of restaurants there – but I hadn’t done the sightseeing and tourist attractions properly so this was a perfect opportunity. Words cannot describe my admiration for the City, it is so beautiful and I never get tired of going back.

10338732_10153095408521023_1560972879742207845_n   11080955_10153095411596023_2258103243778577644_n   

10338732_10153095408531023_2464071108594640741_n   10329150_10152756440631592_1583297553898472295_n

Excitement definitely got the better of us both so we arrived in Budapest on a total of 4 hours sleep each, but we were raring to go and explore! We visited a museum called ‘House of Terror’ which took you back in time to a period when fascist and communist dictatorial regimes took place in 20th-Century Hungary, after WWII. The museum is also a memorial to those who were victims of these regimes. We spent the afternoon there, it was intense but extremely captivating. It made me realise just how lucky I am to have grown up in the modern-day society that I did.

1900407_10153095413876023_4206200676020478965_o   1900407_10153095413871023_2091907289810147223_o

10523564_10153095413866023_2303399949882684462_n   11080955_10153095411621023_4756701510328009770_n

Saturday evening we enjoyed a damn good steak! And after, hit up a ruin bar called Szimpla Kert – Budapest is renowned for its ruin bars and this is by far the best! It is an old stove factory that has been converted, it has the most bizarre but funky decor that strangely enough works. The bar is massive, split into various rooms, with graffiti-covered walls and mismatched furniture; there are bicycles hanging from the ceilings and a bathtub being used as a sofa.

20150331-Szimpla_2   20150331-Szimpla

20150331-Szimpla_1   11071047_10153095410066023_1207360653916730529_n

On Sunday we wondered through the streets of Budapest and visited some spectacular sights: St. Stephen’s Basilica, Matthias Church and the Buda Castle to name but a few. Unfortunately, our time there was short and we were unable to see everything so we are hoping to go back and discover what else Budapest has to offer when the weather gets warmer.

St. Stephen’s Basilica


Buda Castle

11071047_10153095410061023_3917336409622421141_n (1)

Matthias Church



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