Don’t Forget About Me.

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20150610-Blog_Post-3I am Toni. I am a 22-year-old typical tea-loving Brit currently living in Germany, and working in media. If you were to ask anyone to describe me, it would probably be as an “organised mess”, even through my chaotic amalgamation of thoughts I manage to keep myself organised and composed (Well, I like to think so). I have always enjoyed writing, and growing up I tried many-a-time to keep a journal but entries became repetitive, so I thought engaging in a community and outlet where I am able to share my ideas and opinions, as well as reading those of others, would be a great source of inspiration. I have found that my blog has given my writings a purpose, because I want readers to be interested in what I am publishing, which makes this very enjoyable. I do want my writings to express my voice, and represent who I am, but I truly hope to be able to inspire others, offer advice and hopefully some entertainment along the way. If I were to have an impact on others, even on a smaller scale, then for me, my blog has been successful.


This blog was set up to share my journey whilst I was at university, which is how the name ‘Living For That Dream’ came about, as university was a gateway to the career path I have dreamed of pursuing; I have always been passionate about science, so choosing to enter onto an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science was an easy option. Unfortunately, this blog just collected dust whilst I was at university, but as I have grown I have come to realise my whole life is full of dreams. Dreams are not just the long-term ambitions, but also the daydreams – your mind wondering to a warm exotic location somewhere, whilst you’re at work in your office. As one dream becomes reality, another is born so the name of my blog will always stay relevant to me.

Chasing dreams can often result in change – a new job means moving to new city or flying for the first time to visit that warm exotic location. Change is not something that scares me, I have lived in more houses than can be counted two hands. This comes as part of the territory as a child growing up in the Military. Change is inevitable; it should be embraced and seen as a positive directing us along our chosen paths towards our dreams.

Having said that, I can be an impatient little madam waiting for everything to come together, especially in situations where I have no control. It is hard for me to accept that my future could be directly affected by decisions made by others, and being left in the unknown. This has been a difficulty of mine because the outcome of these decisions could prolong me accomplishing my dreams, but I have come to learn that life is full of adventures, no matter come what may.

20150610-Blog_PostI have my whole life ahead of me to achieve what I want, it is not a race; some dreams may take 10 weeks, others 10 years. My life has been full of amazing blessings, and I know it will be filled with many more. My dreams are not going to be handed to me on a plate; I am going to have to continue to work hard. As the saying goes, “You get out what you put in.”

I want to document the little things along the way, so in years to come I can look back and appreciate the journey, not just the destination.


15 thoughts on “Don’t Forget About Me.

    • ToniJackson says:

      Thank you, those are amazing words. I look forward to reading some of your blog also, I want to use this space to communicate with others :-). I hope you also have a lovely day! X

  1. lifeofskip says:

    You’re certainly living my dream – traveling and working in a different country for a while 🙂 the “organized mess” phrase suits me too – my friends simultaneously describe me as the auntie of the group and a bit of a basketcase haha

    • ToniJackson says:

      With my dad being in the Military, most of my childhood was spent in Germany so it is something I have taken for granted. I will be moving back to the UK next Summer, which I am starting to find daunting because I will be leaving most of what I know behind. I want to spend the next 12 months making the most what is right on my doorstep.

      • ToniJackson says:

        Thank you! I am hoping to go back to university to pursue a Masters degree. Germany really a beautiful country – so clean! I couldn’t recommend people visiting here enough. All the best for you too!

  2. Laurie A. Ferris says:

    Toni, I loved reading your post. You’re an excellent writer and your wit and sense of humor shine throughout. I can relate to so much of what you said, especially about being impatient with other peoples decisions. Here’s to chasing the dreams!

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