Friends Are The Family We Choose Ourselves.

We are going to have many people enter our lives, many of whom will leave again. The very few will remain will be those who we call our friends. These were the people I was most cautious of sharing my blog with when I first created it, especially with the uncertainty in how much I would share publicly. However, a few months ago I made the decision to post a link to my blog on Twitter. My reasoning behind doing so was simple: anything I decide to share publicly will be information that I will have already shared with those closest to me, so there was no worry of a post containing surprises. I want my blog to filled with positive energy, so I would never intend on posting something that could potentially offend someone, but that doesn’t mean my writings will be written with a censor.


I have hundreds of friends on Facebook, and if I were to be honest I have probably only ever said hello to the majority of these people, at a push. I can count my true friends on two hands: those I have a deep connection with, those I trust and can share my deepest feelings and thoughts with.

Some of my friendships are more recent than others, but I cherish all the same. I have friends who live local to me, who I currently experience the present with, and others who live in completely different countries that I have experienced a past with, but I share a common ground with both as I will experience a future with all of these people.

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My friends are those I laugh so hard with my stomach hurts, those I cry so hard with I sound like a blubbering baby, those I get so drunk with that I lose my dignity but I have no shame. Above all, my friends are those who have been there for me, and I for them, through the good times and the bad.


4 thoughts on “Friends Are The Family We Choose Ourselves.

    • ToniJackson says:

      I feel very lucky to have friends in different countries. Some of who I went to school with, others university and now those I’ve met through work. I have many acquaintances and it took me some time to work out those that were in it for the long-haul as opposed to the here and now but everyone deserves the happiness friendships can bring.

  1. Uday says:

    Well said. I’m an introvert so I prefer having a few good friends than a lot of “just” friends. But the friends I do make, I really cherish and adore their company.

    • ToniJackson says:

      As I was a child in the Military and moved around a lot, I had to make new ‘friends’ wherever I moved, but we ‘used’ each other – we got on well and had fun whilst living near each other but as soon as one of us moved the relationship went with it. I am like you where I prefer to have a group of close friends that I can truly appreciate.

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