Man’s Best Friend.

The time has come to introduce my not-so-little babies to the WordPress world. I share a house with three gorgeous Rottweilers: Gerrard, Louis and Bailey. If you were to think about Rottweilers, an aggressive dog with a bad reputation is probably what comes to mind, but with no bias involved these three could not fit the mould less if they tried! They are just really big teddy bears that want never-ending cuddles.

Gerrard was the first to become a member of the Jackson household, almost six years ago, as a pup. At first, I wasn’t keen on the thought of having a dog because I’d seen the commitment required through friends of ours who had dogs, but that moment when I met him everything changed. I can only describe it the way a mother describes an instantaneous love for a child – my heart melted. He was just so adorable!

Gerrard might be the biggest of the three of them, but he is the also the surprisingly the biggest scaredy-cat. We’d only had him a couple of weeks when I remember watching a blackbird chase him around the garden. Another time, he cowered behind the TV unit hiding from a pile of towels that was taller than him.


Less than twelve months later, we welcomed Bailey with open arms. I had travelled back to school when I received a phone call off my mum with a tiny whimper at the other end of the phone. My mum asked, “If we were to get a female dog, what would you want to call her?” I ignored the question completely, and just squealed down the phone in excitement.

Bailey tormented Gerrard endlessly when she was a puppy, just the beginning of the female wearing the trousers in this relationship. She was not one for cuddles but that soon changed. Word of warning: don’t start fussing her if you don’t intend to do it for long as she isn’t shy and will quite happily tell you off for stopping.

Bailey has a very unhealthy obsession with watching TV. Now I know many dogs will get a little excited when they see or hear animals on the screen, but Bailey watches EVERYTHING! When I tell people about this, they think I am over-exaggerating.

11277956_10153304905131023_1755807125_n (2)

Saving the best to last, say hello to Louis. Louis was the aftermath of a rendezvous between Gerrard and Bailey. Bailey gave birth to eight puppies, and the intention was to sell of them but Louis just kept coming back, so we decided to keep him. Louis really is the baby; even at four-years-old he still has that playful and excitable nature he had as a puppy. Any opportunity to play, he is at the front of the line. If given a ball, he will quite happily entertain himself for hours (until Bailey sneakily steals the ball from him).

316756_10150939724860099_1771628057_n   11118330_10153304883296023_1960886710_n (1)

They do have their moments and push the boundaries as much as they can, but they are just big kids and the Jackson household would not be complete without them. 

I have been wanting to write a post about my pooches for a while now but never got round to it, but I commented on a post by Art Of Glamour earlier this week, which encouraged me to finally do it, as they are a big aspect of our lives. The post, which inspired this one, can be found at:


5 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend.

  1. Thisisartofglam says:

    Oh my, they are just darling! Gerrard and the blackbird! Whaaaaat? What’s Bailey’s favourite thing to watch? Waffles our border collie, has this thing about a vacuum cleaner advert, he stops what ever he is doing to watch! Don’t ask?! Xxx wonderful post xxx

    • ToniJackson says:

      Aw thank you :-). Every dog I see I just fuss and cuddle! Haha. Gerrard is in the first picture snuggled with the cushions so due to his size it was pretty crazy to see a blackbird chasing a puppy around the garden haha! Bailey loves to watch you’ve been framed or the British soaps. Aw, bless your boarder collie – he would get on well with Bailey – chilling in front of the TV together haha. Dogs are funny creatures.

      I am hoping to get some more photos up, I feel like I’ve missed Louis out a little :-(. Thank you for you kind comment, and thank you for the inspiration! 🙂 xx

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