New Year, New Me.

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe that it is 2016, already! It doesn’t seem like yesterday that I was writing a post similar to this last year.

In that post, I discussed new year’s resolutions and that I am not a firm believer in making them because if I want to change / better myself then I can make that happen at any point; why only at the start of each new year?

With that having been said, I do need to make some changes in my life, for the better. Now I know what many will think when I say what the changes are, “How original!” Obviously, in a rather sarcastic manner. Let me explain…

I was diagnosed with blood pressure, just a little over eighteen months ago, at the age of twenty-one. I am of a healthy weight, healthy cholesterol levels and no family history of high blood pressure. I have spent many hours at medical appointments for examinations and regular testing, but unfortunately the cause of high blood pressure is difficult to locate. I do take medication daily to aid the condition, but I need to be doing more to make sure that I am as healthy as can be both inside and out.

Exercise and diet are the aspects of my life that I want to target. I won’t lie, my exercise levels are currently nil unless you classify walking to the kitchen to get food. I will initially focus on cardiovascular exercises, to strengthen my heart. In terms of diet, I usually eat what I want when I want and that has to stop. My salt intake needs to be minimal. I would like to start incorporating more vegetarian dishes into my diet.

I have known that I need to make these changes for some time now, but never got round to it. Why will this be different? I think that each time before I wanted to make these changes to benefit the way I look, whereas now I know I need to make them for my health. We only have one life, one body we should do all that we can to look after it.

What changes are you aiming to make this year?



5 thoughts on “New Year, New Me.

  1. Arpita says:

    ‘The plan is there is no plan’. I will see as it comes. But I wish you all the best for your health. I hope the blood pressure comes in control soon.

    • ToniJackson says:

      When I was at school and university I was also very active, but it is in the last year or so it changed but I feel rubbish because of it. How do you find England? Thank you for your mind words. I wish you also the very best for 2016!

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