Fun At The Fair.

Well it certainly has been a hot minute since I last posted; there has been so much going on in my life over the last few months, and a lot of changes – for the better. However, that is not what this post is about (I’m hoping to discuss all that at a later date) – a friend of mine has recently taken up photography and is slowly trying to build a portfolio so we have been working together to create some diversity in her images.

We were researching some ideas / themes for photoshoots and became inspired by Twiggy, best remembered as one of the first international supermodels and a fashion icon of the swinging sixties. We thought it would be fun to do an outdoor shoot recreating a look from this era, especially as there was fair going on in town.

I went for a simple black and white sixties’ dress to contrast the colours of the fair, which worked well!


I attempted to recreate the androgynlous look that Twiggy became renowned for during the sixties. Unfortunately I do not have the cropped haircut that she did so I pulled it back to create a similar effect as the cropped style.


The makeup for this shoot was by far my favourite part to this look, with a statement colour on my eyelids. Cut creases were popular in the sixties, so that was what used for this look – I had never even attempted a cut crease before but I don’t think it was bad for a first attempt!


This was a new experience for me, as I have never done an outdoor shoot before but I absolutely loved it. I had a lot of fun! People were glancing over at what we were doing but I was so engrossed that I wasn’t phased by the by-passers! It’s just amazing to become someone else, to create a moment that upon the press of a button will freeze and last forever.


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