OOTD: Ready for Autumn.

It is official. Summer is over. Autumn is here. Nevertheless, I am excited for the colder weather – mainly so I no longer have to justify cosying up on the sofa with my pyjamas and a blanket. The fashion and makeup trends in Autumn are also something to look forward to, from warm, rich brown and purple lipsticks to create those ‘vampy’ lips everyone is raving about to styling a simple outfit with a statement jacket / coat. I am definitely excited.

I have never really been one for wearing a jacket or coat, I always thought they ‘ruined’ an outfit so I grinned and bared the cold. I have learned this is a big no-no! There is the big debate style over comfort and vice versa, but who says it can’t be style and comfort. Find the right jacket or coat and it can be rocked with pretty much any outfit, that is what I will be doing this Autumn.

12007225_10153496935366023_982616626_nCoat – River Island / Jeans – ASOS / Heels – French Connection (similar)


The Importance of Positivity.


I have mentioned within various areas of my blog that positivity is important to me. It took me a long time to realise what positivity means to me, and why is it important.

When growing up, especially during my teenage years, I developed a rather unhealthy and negative outlook on life. It became apparent that my negativity was impacting on other aspects of my life: my friendships became strained, my grades dropped and my day-to-day energy was lacking. Negativity was hard work! 

I don’t know at what point it changed, but when it did positivity became more of a lifestyle than just a form of thinking.

We are going to be faced with bad situations, but take the time to process all the information. Start with the negatives, and finish with the positives. Don’t dwell on what you have no control over. Positivity promotes happiness, as well as mental and physical well-being.

Positivity is a character trait where the individual focuses on the brighter aspect, so what do I mean when it became a lifestyle?

I experience bad days, and I experience good days. I also experience bad days where I  make them into a good day, and these are the days where positivity happens. These are the days where I feel good, I had a good night’s sleep, I’ve kept myself hydrated and I’m surrounded by people with good energy. At first, these were conscious thoughts but now it’s habit, because I want to express an optimistic outlook on life.

We are all at different stages in our lives, and all experiencing many different circumstances but just try to find one positive a day – put a smile on your face – and soon, it will fall into place and be that little easier.

Man’s Best Friend.

The time has come to introduce my not-so-little babies to the WordPress world. I share a house with three gorgeous Rottweilers: Gerrard, Louis and Bailey. If you were to think about Rottweilers, an aggressive dog with a bad reputation is probably what comes to mind, but with no bias involved these three could not fit the mould less if they tried! They are just really big teddy bears that want never-ending cuddles.

Gerrard was the first to become a member of the Jackson household, almost six years ago, as a pup. At first, I wasn’t keen on the thought of having a dog because I’d seen the commitment required through friends of ours who had dogs, but that moment when I met him everything changed. I can only describe it the way a mother describes an instantaneous love for a child – my heart melted. He was just so adorable!

Gerrard might be the biggest of the three of them, but he is the also the surprisingly the biggest scaredy-cat. We’d only had him a couple of weeks when I remember watching a blackbird chase him around the garden. Another time, he cowered behind the TV unit hiding from a pile of towels that was taller than him.


Less than twelve months later, we welcomed Bailey with open arms. I had travelled back to school when I received a phone call off my mum with a tiny whimper at the other end of the phone. My mum asked, “If we were to get a female dog, what would you want to call her?” I ignored the question completely, and just squealed down the phone in excitement.

Bailey tormented Gerrard endlessly when she was a puppy, just the beginning of the female wearing the trousers in this relationship. She was not one for cuddles but that soon changed. Word of warning: don’t start fussing her if you don’t intend to do it for long as she isn’t shy and will quite happily tell you off for stopping.

Bailey has a very unhealthy obsession with watching TV. Now I know many dogs will get a little excited when they see or hear animals on the screen, but Bailey watches EVERYTHING! When I tell people about this, they think I am over-exaggerating.

11277956_10153304905131023_1755807125_n (2)

Saving the best to last, say hello to Louis. Louis was the aftermath of a rendezvous between Gerrard and Bailey. Bailey gave birth to eight puppies, and the intention was to sell of them but Louis just kept coming back, so we decided to keep him. Louis really is the baby; even at four-years-old he still has that playful and excitable nature he had as a puppy. Any opportunity to play, he is at the front of the line. If given a ball, he will quite happily entertain himself for hours (until Bailey sneakily steals the ball from him).

316756_10150939724860099_1771628057_n   11118330_10153304883296023_1960886710_n (1)

They do have their moments and push the boundaries as much as they can, but they are just big kids and the Jackson household would not be complete without them. 

I have been wanting to write a post about my pooches for a while now but never got round to it, but I commented on a post by Art Of Glamour earlier this week, which encouraged me to finally do it, as they are a big aspect of our lives. The post, which inspired this one, can be found at: http://artofglamour.co/2015/06/12/happiness-is-living-with-a-dog/

Friends Are The Family We Choose Ourselves.

We are going to have many people enter our lives, many of whom will leave again. The very few will remain will be those who we call our friends. These were the people I was most cautious of sharing my blog with when I first created it, especially with the uncertainty in how much I would share publicly. However, a few months ago I made the decision to post a link to my blog on Twitter. My reasoning behind doing so was simple: anything I decide to share publicly will be information that I will have already shared with those closest to me, so there was no worry of a post containing surprises. I want my blog to filled with positive energy, so I would never intend on posting something that could potentially offend someone, but that doesn’t mean my writings will be written with a censor.


I have hundreds of friends on Facebook, and if I were to be honest I have probably only ever said hello to the majority of these people, at a push. I can count my true friends on two hands: those I have a deep connection with, those I trust and can share my deepest feelings and thoughts with.

Some of my friendships are more recent than others, but I cherish all the same. I have friends who live local to me, who I currently experience the present with, and others who live in completely different countries that I have experienced a past with, but I share a common ground with both as I will experience a future with all of these people.

524519_10151678596971631_221150513_n   10329150_10152756440631592_1583297553898472295_n

My friends are those I laugh so hard with my stomach hurts, those I cry so hard with I sound like a blubbering baby, those I get so drunk with that I lose my dignity but I have no shame. Above all, my friends are those who have been there for me, and I for them, through the good times and the bad.

OOTN: Simplicity.

I am back in Budapest for a few days visiting the other half. It has been a rather relaxed trip, so most days I have been rocking the au naturale bare-faced look – holla! Last night, a group of us went out for a meal. We went a Taiwanese restaurant which is renowned for the awesome duck dishes on the menu – I’m not the greatest fan of duck, up until trying the duck at this restaurant I was certain I didn’t even like the meat!

I love food! I love it that much, that I think I plan my day around my next meal haha. Although, I have never really taken photos of my food so I can’t share how good the food was last night :-(. Would food photos / posts be interesting? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Instead, I wanted to share the outfit I styled for the meal. Blazers have become an obsession and I am slowly creating an endless collection in my wardrobe. I think they will be a staple item over the Summer; they are a great way to make an outfit instantly look chic and polished. They are a great layering piece, and can be added to be an outfit for any occasion.

10540653_10153299130161023_1484436427_n  Blazer – Oasis / Cami – Topshop / Jeans – ASOS / Heels – River Island (similar)

What are your staple items likely to be in the upcoming season? Whether it be Summer or Winter, wherever you are?

Don’t Forget About Me.

Creative / Inspired / Positive / Enthusiast / Traveller

20150610-Blog_Post-3I am Toni. I am a 22-year-old typical tea-loving Brit currently living in Germany, and working in media. If you were to ask anyone to describe me, it would probably be as an “organised mess”, even through my chaotic amalgamation of thoughts I manage to keep myself organised and composed (Well, I like to think so). I have always enjoyed writing, and growing up I tried many-a-time to keep a journal but entries became repetitive, so I thought engaging in a community and outlet where I am able to share my ideas and opinions, as well as reading those of others, would be a great source of inspiration. I have found that my blog has given my writings a purpose, because I want readers to be interested in what I am publishing, which makes this very enjoyable. I do want my writings to express my voice, and represent who I am, but I truly hope to be able to inspire others, offer advice and hopefully some entertainment along the way. If I were to have an impact on others, even on a smaller scale, then for me, my blog has been successful.


This blog was set up to share my journey whilst I was at university, which is how the name ‘Living For That Dream’ came about, as university was a gateway to the career path I have dreamed of pursuing; I have always been passionate about science, so choosing to enter onto an undergraduate degree in Forensic Science was an easy option. Unfortunately, this blog just collected dust whilst I was at university, but as I have grown I have come to realise my whole life is full of dreams. Dreams are not just the long-term ambitions, but also the daydreams – your mind wondering to a warm exotic location somewhere, whilst you’re at work in your office. As one dream becomes reality, another is born so the name of my blog will always stay relevant to me.

Chasing dreams can often result in change – a new job means moving to new city or flying for the first time to visit that warm exotic location. Change is not something that scares me, I have lived in more houses than can be counted two hands. This comes as part of the territory as a child growing up in the Military. Change is inevitable; it should be embraced and seen as a positive directing us along our chosen paths towards our dreams.

Having said that, I can be an impatient little madam waiting for everything to come together, especially in situations where I have no control. It is hard for me to accept that my future could be directly affected by decisions made by others, and being left in the unknown. This has been a difficulty of mine because the outcome of these decisions could prolong me accomplishing my dreams, but I have come to learn that life is full of adventures, no matter come what may.

20150610-Blog_PostI have my whole life ahead of me to achieve what I want, it is not a race; some dreams may take 10 weeks, others 10 years. My life has been full of amazing blessings, and I know it will be filled with many more. My dreams are not going to be handed to me on a plate; I am going to have to continue to work hard. As the saying goes, “You get out what you put in.”

I want to document the little things along the way, so in years to come I can look back and appreciate the journey, not just the destination.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

I recently went, with a friend from work, on a girls weekend to Budapest in Hungary. We had been contemplating getting away for a few days, and my boyfriend lives out there so sorting accommodation was no issue. Plus, it is only 1 hr 25 mins when flying from Dortmund, but best of all, flights are cheap and who doesn’t love a bargain!

I have been to Budapest a few times to visit my boyfriend, so I have seen a fairly large portion of the City – definitely dined at plenty of restaurants there – but I hadn’t done the sightseeing and tourist attractions properly so this was a perfect opportunity. Words cannot describe my admiration for the City, it is so beautiful and I never get tired of going back.

10338732_10153095408521023_1560972879742207845_n   11080955_10153095411596023_2258103243778577644_n   

10338732_10153095408531023_2464071108594640741_n   10329150_10152756440631592_1583297553898472295_n

Excitement definitely got the better of us both so we arrived in Budapest on a total of 4 hours sleep each, but we were raring to go and explore! We visited a museum called ‘House of Terror’ which took you back in time to a period when fascist and communist dictatorial regimes took place in 20th-Century Hungary, after WWII. The museum is also a memorial to those who were victims of these regimes. We spent the afternoon there, it was intense but extremely captivating. It made me realise just how lucky I am to have grown up in the modern-day society that I did.

1900407_10153095413876023_4206200676020478965_o   1900407_10153095413871023_2091907289810147223_o

10523564_10153095413866023_2303399949882684462_n   11080955_10153095411621023_4756701510328009770_n

Saturday evening we enjoyed a damn good steak! And after, hit up a ruin bar called Szimpla Kert – Budapest is renowned for its ruin bars and this is by far the best! It is an old stove factory that has been converted, it has the most bizarre but funky decor that strangely enough works. The bar is massive, split into various rooms, with graffiti-covered walls and mismatched furniture; there are bicycles hanging from the ceilings and a bathtub being used as a sofa.

20150331-Szimpla_2   20150331-Szimpla

20150331-Szimpla_1   11071047_10153095410066023_1207360653916730529_n

On Sunday we wondered through the streets of Budapest and visited some spectacular sights: St. Stephen’s Basilica, Matthias Church and the Buda Castle to name but a few. Unfortunately, our time there was short and we were unable to see everything so we are hoping to go back and discover what else Budapest has to offer when the weather gets warmer.

St. Stephen’s Basilica


Buda Castle

11071047_10153095410061023_3917336409622421141_n (1)

Matthias Church