Never Underestimate The Power Of Red Lipstick & High Heels.

I am not even going to bother apologising for my lack of regular updates because it’s bound to happen again! But I am back to share some images from a photoshoot I did last weekend. Exciting!

I have been really enjoying the modelling experience, and I am fortunate to be working with a fantastic photographer, Janine Kelly Fiddes, who has an artistic eye. Check out her Facebook page:

I never intended on working in front of the camera, but instead assisting Janine with the makeup for the models she was working with. It turns out that Janine and I function on similar wavelengths and work well as a team; we come up with so many themes for different shoots then just ‘go with the flow’ on the day, improvising many of the shots based on set.

Our most recent shoot was a originally a 1950s inspired shoot, where your stereotypical housewife takes on the role of her husband. Through this, I recreated the sharp winged liner and bold red lips that were on trend in the Fifties.


However, many of the photos created a 1940s war-time vibe, which I personally prefer to the original idea. I think this is due to the fact Janine and I have come to realise that I produce much better ‘serious’ photos when they are staged; the playful and fun photos are captured when I am messing around and this set / location didn’t offer capability to do so.

That being said, I actually think this has been my favourite shoot we have done together so far. I adore the editing and direction that Janine has taken with these photos.




We do have some more shoots planned over the next couple of weeks, including the Seven Deadly Sins and the Elements; both of which she is hoping to focus on over-the-top editorial makeup so I am very excited! Keep your eyes peeled for my next update!




Fun At The Fair.

Well it certainly has been a hot minute since I last posted; there has been so much going on in my life over the last few months, and a lot of changes – for the better. However, that is not what this post is about (I’m hoping to discuss all that at a later date) – a friend of mine has recently taken up photography and is slowly trying to build a portfolio so we have been working together to create some diversity in her images.

We were researching some ideas / themes for photoshoots and became inspired by Twiggy, best remembered as one of the first international supermodels and a fashion icon of the swinging sixties. We thought it would be fun to do an outdoor shoot recreating a look from this era, especially as there was fair going on in town.

I went for a simple black and white sixties’ dress to contrast the colours of the fair, which worked well!


I attempted to recreate the androgynlous look that Twiggy became renowned for during the sixties. Unfortunately I do not have the cropped haircut that she did so I pulled it back to create a similar effect as the cropped style.


The makeup for this shoot was by far my favourite part to this look, with a statement colour on my eyelids. Cut creases were popular in the sixties, so that was what used for this look – I had never even attempted a cut crease before but I don’t think it was bad for a first attempt!


This was a new experience for me, as I have never done an outdoor shoot before but I absolutely loved it. I had a lot of fun! People were glancing over at what we were doing but I was so engrossed that I wasn’t phased by the by-passers! It’s just amazing to become someone else, to create a moment that upon the press of a button will freeze and last forever.

Autumn Lip Essentials.

Is anyone else as excited about Autumn as I am? Following on from my last post, I wanted to share my go-to lip products for this season. I am definitely channelling the dark ‘vampy’ lips that are on trend.

Lip Pencils


MAC Lip Pencil – Currant

Currant is part of the permanent line of normal lip pencils by MAC. It appears almost black when just looking at the pencil, but comes off as deep red-based purple that can be used with variety of deep reds and purples. I think this is going to be a staple even into the winter months.

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil – Rebellious

I purchased Rebellious as part of the Vamplify collection that was released by MAC, I am unsure if it is part of their permanent collection. I usually try to avoid products that are released as part of collections, in case they are limited edition, but I couldn’t resist. This is similar in colour to the MAC Rebel lipstick – a burgundy plum – and they feel like a match made in heaven!




MAC Satin Finish Lipstick – Rebel

The colour of Rebel in the packaging is deceiving as it makes it look much darker than it actually is, it applies much lighter. As mentioned, it is similar to the MAC Rebellious lip pencil but Rebel has more pink undertones. It is a satin finish which means it has the staying power of a matte lipstick, with added moisture – just what we need in the cold months. MAC Rebel is a cult classic, and a colour that should be in all makeup bags this season.