Fun At The Fair.

Well it certainly has been a hot minute since I last posted; there has been so much going on in my life over the last few months, and a lot of changes – for the better. However, that is not what this post is about (I’m hoping to discuss all that at a later date) – a friend of mine has recently taken up photography and is slowly trying to build a portfolio so we have been working together to create some diversity in her images.

We were researching some ideas / themes for photoshoots and became inspired by Twiggy, best remembered as one of the first international supermodels and a fashion icon of the swinging sixties. We thought it would be fun to do an outdoor shoot recreating a look from this era, especially as there was fair going on in town.

I went for a simple black and white sixties’ dress to contrast the colours of the fair, which worked well!


I attempted to recreate the androgynlous look that Twiggy became renowned for during the sixties. Unfortunately I do not have the cropped haircut that she did so I pulled it back to create a similar effect as the cropped style.


The makeup for this shoot was by far my favourite part to this look, with a statement colour on my eyelids. Cut creases were popular in the sixties, so that was what used for this look – I had never even attempted a cut crease before but I don’t think it was bad for a first attempt!


This was a new experience for me, as I have never done an outdoor shoot before but I absolutely loved it. I had a lot of fun! People were glancing over at what we were doing but I was so engrossed that I wasn’t phased by the by-passers! It’s just amazing to become someone else, to create a moment that upon the press of a button will freeze and last forever.


OOTD: Ready for Autumn.

It is official. Summer is over. Autumn is here. Nevertheless, I am excited for the colder weather – mainly so I no longer have to justify cosying up on the sofa with my pyjamas and a blanket. The fashion and makeup trends in Autumn are also something to look forward to, from warm, rich brown and purple lipsticks to create those ‘vampy’ lips everyone is raving about to styling a simple outfit with a statement jacket / coat. I am definitely excited.

I have never really been one for wearing a jacket or coat, I always thought they ‘ruined’ an outfit so I grinned and bared the cold. I have learned this is a big no-no! There is the big debate style over comfort and vice versa, but who says it can’t be style and comfort. Find the right jacket or coat and it can be rocked with pretty much any outfit, that is what I will be doing this Autumn.

12007225_10153496935366023_982616626_nCoat – River Island / Jeans – ASOS / Heels – French Connection (similar)

OOTN: Simplicity.

I am back in Budapest for a few days visiting the other half. It has been a rather relaxed trip, so most days I have been rocking the au naturale bare-faced look – holla! Last night, a group of us went out for a meal. We went a Taiwanese restaurant which is renowned for the awesome duck dishes on the menu – I’m not the greatest fan of duck, up until trying the duck at this restaurant I was certain I didn’t even like the meat!

I love food! I love it that much, that I think I plan my day around my next meal haha. Although, I have never really taken photos of my food so I can’t share how good the food was last night :-(. Would food photos / posts be interesting? Post your thoughts in the comments below.

Instead, I wanted to share the outfit I styled for the meal. Blazers have become an obsession and I am slowly creating an endless collection in my wardrobe. I think they will be a staple item over the Summer; they are a great way to make an outfit instantly look chic and polished. They are a great layering piece, and can be added to be an outfit for any occasion.

10540653_10153299130161023_1484436427_n  Blazer – Oasis / Cami – Topshop / Jeans – ASOS / Heels – River Island (similar)

What are your staple items likely to be in the upcoming season? Whether it be Summer or Winter, wherever you are?